We are a boutique financial & corporate services group that provides investment opportunities, advice and b2b solutions.


Our Panama office provides company incorporation for several jurisdictions, domiciliation and bookkeeping services (IFRS). We also offer Co-Working Space for companies that require a local presence. We consult with each client to understand their individual needs and provide a strategy that is cost efficient and effective to achieve their goals.


Fund Structuring

Servicing international wealth managers and thematic industry operators that are looking to create investment vehicles for an investment strategy they want to execute. We provide investment platforms that allow your company to securitize and raise funds for your investment strategy.



Our British Virgin Islands company is a licensed approved manager certified by the FSC. We offer investment advice and are investment managers for funds, HNWI, family offices & foundations. We work with leading banks to assist you in your investment needs.



We offer Private Banking and Wealth Management solutions with leading banks in Panama, Andorra and Switzerland. Entrusting your Wealth to Tier 1 Custodians and procuring lasting advisory relationships is key to obtain the best pricing that protects your assets.


“Our mission is to provide great services to companies so that their stakeholders can have peace of mind and improve their quality of life.”


Origin of the Brand.

The word Bindu is of Sanskrit origin and means “the source” of the universe, it is a point or seed above the elements where infinity can be experienced. The logo is a crescent moon and above are the 5 realms of creation, forming a circle that is Bindu.

The brand represents our commitment to be a reliable and enduring financial service provider that offers comprehensive solutions to our clients.